"Who am I? Why am I here?" - Admiral James Stockdale


The Bitstream is a new media site from Binary Systems, Inc. that is focused on Real Science and Free Speech in the Cyber World.

Topics range from Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Crypto Currency, and of course, the overall clash of Politics and Technology.  Our articles are a combination of curated Real News and Real Sports with original thought-provoking current events and commentary.  

Irreverence is a must.

Our editors and contributors are “Extraordinary Dudes” who simply get it.  They have been around a long time, lurking in the majority.  They are engineers, doctors, business people, and educators who don’t need others to tell them how to think.  They are the people to whom you should be listening.

Our audience is the 10%ers.  They get it too.

The Bitstream doesn’t shy away from controversy.  The Bitstream embraces it!





  • Vincente D'Ingianni

    The red-pilled 80s CyberPunk from New Orleans with a low tolerance for stupidity. Editor-in-Chief of The Bitstream and The Darker Net. Head Coach of The Judokai in Dallas Follow @Vincente on GETTR and Parler for a daily reminder to #StopTheStupid